For the past three years I have been collecting old wooden boat photographs. I scour ebay and etsy, as well as spend hours thumbing thru boxes at junk and antique stores . Most often there is no indication of where or what vessel it is. Sometimes i can find a sail number or something scribbled on the back.

sponge fishermen

on the dock

spring haul out- varnish and paint




rowing in Larchmont NY

lady on a boat

They are all snap shots. Taken by everyday people. They all tell a story. Why am I obsessed with these little tiny photographs of people and places and boats that I do not know?

The people who work on old wooden boats are colorful people. Even in black and whites. This wooden sailing vessel now almost 65 years old and sailed hard ( into december) gets loving attention from its owner and friends every year. This winter was a particularly dry winter and this summer we saw 100 degree days. Seam compound, cotton, paint and scarfed wood made up this springs haul out. Music comes during the fall month cruise.

I met Lenny a few years ago when we started doing the north east wooden boat series. Mary Looring is fast and fun. Lenny and friends play instruments while sailing. They cook gourmet meals on a coal stove. They zip across start lines on a beam reach and we cant seam to catch up- even with the engine on!

Warner Winthrop was a navel architect whom specialized in the design of wooden cruising yachts. ( 1900- 1987) He started out as a draftsmen for John g Alden. His designs are well known for there sleek sheers, low or flush cabin houses . This vessel, built strong and still going was built by paul luke boatyard in eastboothbay maine.

Mary Loring is now for sale



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