Kirby paints are made here in the US. Kirby paints have been around since the 1800,s. If your ever in New Bedford Mass go take a look at where the paints are made and meet the owners. I use them both on boats and in my home. They do exceptionally well on the hulls and interiors of yachts where salt, sun and water are ever present. I love the historical colors for all my wooden floors & built in fitted furniture. Here Dulcinea has been painted in paints.

Here I have painted a floor in Kirby paints.

After two months of determined work we are almost ready to hit the high sea. It has been a long time dream for both Julien and I to cross the pond in our own boat. Little did I know the amount of energy it would consume. I am tired, frazzled & worn. To view our journey by tracking latitude and longitude goto

Two months prior to leaving , Julien was putting in some structural beams and found rot in the deck. Here we are replacing the port deck without fastening. Up came the old teak. A bit of scarfed wood went in and then some fiberglass. On top of that we g flexed new teak wood clamped down with bolted down cantaleviered 2 by 2 . We then wedged the teak as we went. We also used .155 inch weed whacker cord as a bond breaker between the caulk and bottom.  It was difficult to work with. Next we pulled the clamps off and finished the deck with black roofing pl bought at Home Depot. I found it easier to apply and less air bubbles then teak deck system. It also only cost $5 a tube. We had previously tested it seven years

We also installed an inner stay to hang a storm jib on. Running backs so the mast won’t pump. I have just finished sewing 116 drogue cones with the help of Michele, Julien daughter and crew. We deliberated about how to get weather out at sea and finally came up with predict winds offshore weather and an iridium go. Michelle has been setting it up and soon we will be able to receive weather and get texts and email as well as calls. Our Eperb, Winslow life raft and spin lock PDF were bought at landfall navigation in Stamford conniticut. We will use C- Map on the iPad for charts of Western Europe as we don’t know where we will land. Once I pay the $40 I can download them for keeps. This is very scary for us as we are paper chart people. I will let you know how iPad navigation works out for us,

Herreshoff S Boat Repairs and Restoration- also known as Spring Commisioning

 Herreshoff S Class RepairsA bunch of 90 year old S Boats sail out of western long island sound. They are in various states of condition. Wooden boats always need something. We started out building a new cockpit for Allegro. She also needed 8 broken frames repaired.

New cockpit soul on s boat

replacing a plank on a s boatplank repair

wooden boat restoration new yorkNext we worked on Danai which is also kept in the Brewers yard. Julien removed stem to keel fairing because it was badly chafed and found iron drifts cracking the keel into the rabbet. We replaced six floor timbers and the mast step. The highlight of the job was steam bending 5 ribs into the bow. We replaced these ribs as they flattened on either side of the brake spoiling the shape of the boat.

wooden boat repair- new york

new mast step

floor timber replacement

Refastening wooden boat

Phillip came in with a new s boat now named   Ingwe  . We call it the Rhode island rat and wonder if he bought it from our friend Thorp. She is a bit out of shape and has been abused. A  deck was put on a crooked boat which has to come off in a few years. This year Phillip is trying to get her sound and is doing a wonderful job. Julien and Phillip steam bent 8 frames. Julien will replace one plank and has removed three that will be added to. Splining loose seams will take up much of the week. Splining seams is a fairly straight forward procedure of evening up the wide seems and inserting a v shaped spline- glued on one side and caulked on the other.

wooden boat repair new york

rib repair

Ingwe s boat repairs

ingwe s boat

We applaud the S Boat Owners at the Brewers Yard in Mamaroneck. They are all doing hands on maintenance and only require Urbanboatworks for extra ordinary projects.

My partner is a master at the art of using recycled woods. He salvages wood because it is better wood. Heavy dense slow grown good wood. Nothing else compares to yesteryears wood and we buy it up or salvage it when ever we can. Our window and door restoration business depends upon finding it. That slow growth heart wood does not rot and what we use for replacing weather eaten sills and repairing old sash. Julien uses salvaged or recycled Teak any chance he gets. Therefor he is always scouting the stuff. He can smell it a mile away. Much of his wooden boat, Tiger Maru is patchworked with re-purposed Teak. The yacht Xebec which went up during Hurricane Hugo, gave Julien some fine wood which he used when restoring Tiger Maru. A few years ago, during the cockpit restoration, we returned some of the Xebec to the mate who was tending her as a young man. That wood has sailed many offshore miles on two wooden boats and is now in his River View Restaurant in Cold Spring NY.

If you know of any Teak that is being thrown away- rethink it- or call us if you are in New York.

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