Kirby paints on a Herreshoff sailing boat

Kirby paints are made here in the US. Kirby paints have been around since the 1800,s. If your ever in New Bedford Mass go take a look at where the paints are made and meet the owners. I use them both on boats and in my home. They do exceptionally well on the hulls andContinue reading “Kirby paints on a Herreshoff sailing boat”

TIGER MARU is heading to sea

After two months of determined work we are almost ready to hit the high sea. It has been a long time dream for both Julien and I to cross the pond in our own boat. Little did I know the amount of energy it would consume. I am tired, frazzled & worn. To view ourContinue reading “TIGER MARU is heading to sea”

Recycling Teak

My partner is a master at the art of using recycled woods. He salvages wood because it is better wood. Heavy dense slow grown good wood. Nothing else compares to yesteryears wood and we buy it up or salvage it when ever we can. Our window and door restoration business depends upon finding it. ThatContinue reading “Recycling Teak”

Restoring an Acorn Skiff

                       RESTORING-REPAIRING AN ACORN CLINKER DINGY Acorn’s are amazing boats designed by Ian Oughtred. My Acorn- GOATWATER is an efficient & fast row boat. It always looks sexy! She has a Gunter rig for sailing . I have rowed and sailed her in open choppyContinue reading “Restoring an Acorn Skiff”