Kirby paints on a Herreshoff sailing boat

Kirby paints are made here in the US. Kirby paints have been around since the 1800,s. If your ever in New Bedford Mass go take a look at where the paints are made and meet the owners. I use them both on boats and in my home. They do exceptionally well on the hulls andContinue reading “Kirby paints on a Herreshoff sailing boat”

I have a thing for Black Window Sash

I have a thing for black window sashes. Not only do I like the way black makes a frame ( when looking for the inside) but I also love how Black Sash show off the details in historic built windows. Some how black even makes a factory built (way to perfect) window look good. EveryContinue reading “I have a thing for Black Window Sash”

Window Rot- Dutchmen’s and Window Restoration in New york

      Julien is chiseling out some rot and will dutchmen a piece of heart wood Pine into the cavity. He uses a three to one or four to one ratio on windows and doors. ( three times along the grain and one time across the grain) On a wooden Boat its twelve toContinue reading “Window Rot- Dutchmen’s and Window Restoration in New york”

Door and Window Restoration in New York Area

Restore your window sash because they fit your home. Because you like good craftsmanship and old growth dense woods. Because you like your antique glass. Because you want to open your windows and ventilate. Because you love a house with soul. Nothing will ruin the charm of an old home faster then ripping out theContinue reading “Door and Window Restoration in New York Area”