When I first saw Ibis at Antiqua Classics, I knew I would have to sail to England. For many years I read anything about fishing boats, smacks, oyster sailboats, troshers & fishing schooners that I could get my hands on. Something about the lines of these boats, combined with the large sail area broken into many parts and the matte finish of the hull. ( often black)excited me.

Julien and I sailed into Falmouth for the Falmouth classic regatta this June. Sarah O’Neil of St. John joined us for three days. We were floored by the amount and condition of wooden old boats here in Cornwall uk. We saw some wooden oyster work boats that still dredge oysters under sail.( the only way u can take them in the fal river)

Onto Fowey, a must see by sea village with dramatic cliffs and stunning old houses built into the cliff side. Wind in the willows was written here as well as the short story that Hitchcock turned into the movie “the birds”. A short walk from town brings you to a great beach with a water fountain and coffee bar! Onward we walked thru cow fields, over hill and dales on the southwest coastal trail.

We then headed to Polkerris , a tiny fishing town with a low tide beach. Here we enjoyed the natural beauty of rocks, cow pasture and sea. The village on land is a gem with 10 stone houses and two beach cafes with beer on tap and Italian espresso done right. We came back to this gem again on our way out to the Scilly Isles.

Charlestown was our next overnight stop. Here we found the clay port turned into a theatrical set for the three musketeers and Poldark. The floating basin, with a lock door and square rigged tall ships make it worth the trip. We had to wait for off breezes & settled weather to anchor off this port. The Shipwreck museum houses an amazing amount of artifacts from ruins along its coast. Worth the 10 quid.

The Helford & Fal river have many anchoring spots with cottage towns along its river.

St Mawes is a small town with old houses that have been converted into holiday homes.

We are waiting for weather and tide to hop over to the Scilly islands. Fortunately the weather is in our favor to spend a few days walking Penzance, mousehole and st micheals mount. Penzance being the perfect city like town for pick up of fresh veggies and charity shop ( went into at least 10) book shelves.

St micheals mount consists of a castle and Benedictine monastery with the owners St Aubyn’s still living below it. The castle is on an island linked to the mainland by an ancient drying stone causeway. I received my first attempt at dousing on the castles rooftop. Here there are energy lines that converge at the monks chapel.

Mousehole is an old fishing port with an oval harbour with mass granite boulder walls. Narrow streets, country cottages and a wild bird hospital add to its charm.

Everywhere we have had interesting conversations, great pasties, tons of fish and chips and plenty of old world sites for our senses. The pace of life here is comfortable and has contributed to us meeting real life brits who love to sail. The sailing has been great with gentle north and east winds, blue skies and 25 mile hops to the next bay. We have loved our stay in the UK and glad we missed the hectic Solent sailing area.

Q Class Wooden Boat

Work On Wooden Boats

  • S/V Extra Dry floor timbers- ribs- butt blocks- planking
  • 1924 23 foot knock about Timberpoint Steam bent ribs, floor timbers, center board trunk, deck, shear stake, garboard, spars,
  • built 5 clam boat garveys from scratch
  •  K and T Products – machine shop apprentice
  • Built H-28 Ketch S/V Ishtar from line drawings
  • Worked for Babylon Marine doing various repair projects on wooden production motor boats-
  • 41 foot Gardner Ketch S/V Malabar – new transom, cockpit, side decks
  • On going saga of derelict cold molded wooden sloop “ Tiger Maru” – made sea worthy by 1986-sailing from West Indies to New York half a dozen times -Most recent refit 2009- replace cockpit with new single Molded fiberglass and bridge deck, new mid ship floor Timbers, reconfigured galley to new bridge deck, Mast step, replaced lower stem, replaced 30 sq feet of Cold molded planking,
  • Replication of 1951 30 ft Egg Harbor in the Virgin Islands Saved keel and stem,
  • 1935 35 foot Rhodes sloop “Winddrift” replace 4 ribs, re place mast step and floors replaced shear strake, replaced covering board, repaired deck beam ends, replaced 7 ribs in main salon up to the sisters at turn, replaced floor timbers, new garboard and three strakes above
  • 1930ʼs Alden Yawl- S/V Gratia Virgin Islands Rebuild broken mast
  • Dock Building project – Reicon NYC Replaced wooden whalers, bumpers, sheathing and deck on the under side of the marine transfer station in Collage Pt Queens NY
  • 40 ft Passenger Perdohm Catamaran water taxi Replaced port wave piercing bow to coast guard specs
  • 70 foot Ketch S/V No Nonsense Replaced teak taft rail and cap rail , rebuild combing, repaired rot in lazarette boxes
  • 1937 Rhodes 41 foot yawl S/V Golden Eye Scarfed mizzen mast together and fixed broken cap rail
  • 1946 Alden Yawl S/V Aegir Rebuilt main boom,  various Dutchmen’s to bright surfaces, Yearly brightwork & Hull painting 1946 Wintrop Warner Sloop S/V Mary Loring, Replaced 7 set of frames and floor timbers in bow Replace section of stem in bow, Scarfed in three new plank ends, splined 30 ft seams, Replaced 3 frames aft, replaced planking, caulk
  • 1929 John Alden Q Boat S/V Hope New York Repaired forward broken bulwarks and caprail, Set new bow chocks, spring maintenance repair Rot in bulwark, covering board and shear strake, replace 2 sections of cockpit combing, various dutchmens, Haul out- scarfed in new bottom of rudder, replaced Worm shoe, fabricated new bottom gudgeon, painted hull
  • Rhodes 41 Ft S/V Golden Eye Built bowsprit, repair to main mast broken at upper Spreaders.
  • 1950 Huckins Motor Boat S/V Dolphin Replaced cabin trunk corner post, replaced cabin side, Fabricated and installed new eyebrow


Rot Work
Rot Work
Tiger Maru a cold molded one ton- rebuilt
Tiger Maru a cold molded one ton- rebuilt


New Cockpit being installed in Wooden boat Tiger Maru
New Cockpit being installed in Wooden boat Tiger Maru


Rot Repair to Cold Molded Wooden Boat
Rot Repair to Cold Molded Wooden Boat
Replanking Cold Molded Wooden Boat
Replanking Cold Molded Wooden Boat


DSC_0042 DSC_0072 DSC_0095

DSCF2973 DSCF4796

wooden boat Hukins rot repair- new york
wooden boat Hukins rot repair- new york

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