Sailing Cornwall United Kingdom aboard Tiger Maru

When I first saw Ibis at Antiqua Classics, I knew I would have to sail to England. For many years I read anything about fishing boats, smacks, oyster sailboats, troshers & fishing schooners that I could get my hands on. Something about the lines of these boats, combined with the large sail area broken intoContinue reading “Sailing Cornwall United Kingdom aboard Tiger Maru”

Urbanboatworks Marine Projects Resume

Work On Wooden Boats S/V Extra Dry floor timbers- ribs- butt blocks- planking 1924 23 foot knock about Timberpoint Steam bent ribs, floor timbers, center board trunk, deck, shear stake, garboard, spars, built 5 clam boat garveys from scratch ┬áK and T Products – machine shop apprentice Built H-28 Ketch S/V Ishtar from line drawingsContinue reading “Urbanboatworks Marine Projects Resume”