My partner is a master at the art of using recycled woods. He salvages wood because it is better wood. Heavy dense slow grown good wood. Nothing else compares to yesteryears wood and we buy it up or salvage it when ever we can. Our window and door restoration business depends upon finding it. That slow growth heart wood does not rot and what we use for replacing weather eaten sills and repairing old sash. Julien uses salvaged or recycled Teak any chance he gets. Therefor he is always scouting the stuff. He can smell it a mile away. Much of his wooden boat, Tiger Maru is patchworked with re-purposed Teak. The yacht Xebec which went up during Hurricane Hugo, gave Julien some fine wood which he used when restoring Tiger Maru. A few years ago, during the cockpit restoration, we returned some of the Xebec to the mate who was tending her as a young man. That wood has sailed many offshore miles on two wooden boats and is now in his River View Restaurant in Cold Spring NY.

If you know of any Teak that is being thrown away- rethink it- or call us if you are in New York.


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