The lovely city of Douarnenez France has become A home away from home for us. This magical waterside city is where we are keeping our wooden boat for the winter. I highly recommend it as a winter storage for any sailing boat on the Brittany coast. It is an exceptional place for wooden boats as there are so many around. Port Rhu has a lock and maintains a 4 meter depth. There are many chandleries, wood workers and repair specialists. 9 month storage coasts less then $1000 euros!

This is Matinicus Island Maine. A rustic simple rock with 40 hard ass people. Matinicus lies about 12 miles off Deer Island ( Penebscot Bay) and is a perfect spot for sleep before our over night voyage to Nova Scotia.

As we rounded ten pound rock and hog , we could make out hugh tan boulders and ram- shackled houses on shore. Plush moss was growing on everything and the strong smell of forest filled our nose. Once we entered the cove we saw the 3o foot ladders the residents used to get from the sea to there granite rock in low tide. We felt as if we were on a Popeye movie set. Rough and rugged are the people.

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