Kirby paints are made here in the US. Kirby paints have been around since the 1800,s. If your ever in New Bedford Mass go take a look at where the paints are made and meet the owners. I use them both on boats and in my home. They do exceptionally well on the hulls and interiors of yachts where salt, sun and water are ever present. I love the historical colors for all my wooden floors & built in fitted furniture. Here Dulcinea has been painted in paints.

Here I have painted a floor in Kirby paints.

At urbanboatworks, we steam lead paint from old windows. This process not only helps protect us from digesting dry lead paint- it also saves more old wibbly glass then any other method. Julien set to building a steam box ( easy for a boatbuilder who steam bends ribs) with items we found lying about. Inside the fireplace flue tile is a small metal canister from an old heater. He attached some pipes and built a wood box to fit the sash. It takes about two hours of steaming to get two sash complete.

It is most amazing how one hundred and fifty year old wood  ( a few spliced pieces od wood, some drawing back together of joints) needs so little repair. A true testament to the craftsmen of yesteryear!

Door Restoration in New York

A door built this way, howard says, represents the finest you can have in life. You cant afford this level of detail for the rest of your house, but here in the door is your Mozart. And this door is your gift to your neighbors. These doors are what we admire 200 years later.You have got to have a little front door in your life.

from the book THE SAME AX TWICE

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