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The colors of natural dyes can not be beat. As a novice dyer of wool and cotton, I am astounded by the color combinations that the Indian and Tibetans can achieve. My brothers knowledge of color and old recipes have created his to die for collection of rugs. Sure its in the design but the craftsmanship and quality have to be there also. You will not see that in many manufactures of rugs today. His carpets truly have SOUL. visit for the real story.

indigo dye kit makes an easy way to dye naturally
indigo dye kit makes an easy way to dye naturally




Pre reduced indigo dye kits are the way to go when desiring dying in a snap! It use to take me days to prepare and make indigo dye. The indigo dye kit ( buy on amazon or thru earth guild) has everything included in it. It takes about an hour to prepare and dyes about 10 pounds of fabric. The first dip is the darkest. I have dyed all my linens in this inky dark color for a dramatic look in my bedrooms. I sleep in an ocean of blue.

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