A cheap skates guide for extracting a 50 foot wooden mast

although our 5o foot wooden mast is springy and 500 pounds, that doesn’t stop my dear darling from pulling it from a floating dock in the wake infested Hudson River with a 30 foot derrick made of repurposed 2 by 8’s. here are the steps: spend 5 hours making a wooden frame derrick from 2Continue reading “A cheap skates guide for extracting a 50 foot wooden mast”

Restoring an Acorn Skiff

                       RESTORING-REPAIRING AN ACORN CLINKER DINGY Acorn’s are amazing boats designed by Ian Oughtred. My Acorn- GOATWATER is an efficient & fast row boat. It always looks sexy! She has a Gunter rig for sailing . I have rowed and sailed her in open choppyContinue reading “Restoring an Acorn Skiff”

Repair to an Acorn Skiff

GOATWATER- an ACORN SKIFF ” a sweet-line slippery little jewel” Maynard Bray, woodenboat magazine I have rowed this acorn skiff all over the West Indies and new england. She rows like a witch- fast smooth and graceful. She is easily rigged for sailing with her gunter rig. The ACORN was designed by british Iain Oughtred.Continue reading “Repair to an Acorn Skiff”