Wooden Boat Restoration

Our Newest acqusition: a 1965 Chris Craft Utlity Sea Skiff Runabout in sore shape

Restoration to be started this summer at our shop on Moffat Rd Cold Spring NY

Julien and I restore, repair and build from scratch sailboats and motor boats of wood.

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Repair to an Acorn Skiff


” a sweet-line slippery little jewel” Maynard Bray, woodenboat magazine

I have rowed this acorn skiff all over the West Indies and new england. She rows like a witch- fast smooth and graceful. She is easily rigged for sailing with her gunter rig. The ACORN was designed by british Iain Oughtred. She is made of Marine Plywood snd solid Mahogany wood for rails, seats and spars. The floor soul is Teak.


Loa   11’9

beam 3’11

draft  17”

weight  100lbs

sail area 48 sq ft

rig  Gunter


Pitch Black.


Pitch, hot tar & pine oil was used long ago to seal lines, ropework and boats bottoms from rot. Oakem is made from hemp fibers and pine tar and used to caulk planks on hull and deck. Pitch black is my go to color both high gloss and dead flat matte. I painted my barn with falun black pigments ( a 30 year paint stain) and will char my next wood project to get that old black look. The crisp contrast of black next to white is used for lettering on signs and can be seen every where.

Towing a dingy

sometimes towing my acorn skiff Goatwater can be daunting

she is like a kid- your always looking behind to see how she fairs in a seaway

a following sea makes her smack into Tiger Maru’s transom

sometimes she fills up with sea water and flounders

but here in the abaco’s she is safe and sound!