Some ways of removing lead paint actually increase the risk of exposure. Lead paint that is chipping or peeling needs to be removed or covered. Painted surfaces that rub on one another, such as windows and doors require attention to stop the friction that can cause dust. If your house is old you may mostContinue reading “LEAD PAINT REMOVAL”

Creative Clamping- wooden boat transom veneer

Julien removed a quarter inch of old mahogany and replaced it with a new 1/4 inch piece. First he sealed the new piece of wood with a thinned down west system sealer. While it was still tacky he applied West System mixed with cotton fiber- as an adhesive. For creative clamping , Julien used aContinue reading “Creative Clamping- wooden boat transom veneer”

Recycling Teak

My partner is a master at the art of using recycled woods. He salvages wood because it is better wood. Heavy dense slow grown good wood. Nothing else compares to yesteryears wood and we buy it up or salvage it when ever we can. Our window and door restoration business depends upon finding it. ThatContinue reading “Recycling Teak”

Restoring an Acorn Skiff

                       RESTORING-REPAIRING AN ACORN CLINKER DINGY Acorn’s are amazing boats designed by Ian Oughtred. My Acorn- GOATWATER is an efficient & fast row boat. It always looks sexy! She has a Gunter rig for sailing . I have rowed and sailed her in open choppyContinue reading “Restoring an Acorn Skiff”

Mary Looring- a classic wooden boat for sale

The people who work on old wooden boats are colorful people. Even in black and whites. This wooden sailing vessel now almost 65 years old and sailed hard ( into december) gets loving attention from its owner and friends every year. This winter was a particularly dry winter and this summer we saw 100 degree days. SeamContinue reading “Mary Looring- a classic wooden boat for sale”

Repair to an Acorn Skiff

GOATWATER- an ACORN SKIFF ” a sweet-line slippery little jewel” Maynard Bray, woodenboat magazine I have rowed this acorn skiff all over the West Indies and new england. She rows like a witch- fast smooth and graceful. She is easily rigged for sailing with her gunter rig. The ACORN was designed by british Iain Oughtred.Continue reading “Repair to an Acorn Skiff”