A cheap skates guide for extracting a 50 foot wooden mast

although our 5o foot wooden mast is springy and 500 pounds, that doesn’t stop my dear darling from pulling it from a floating dock in the wake infested Hudson River with a 30 foot derrick made of repurposed 2 by 8’s. here are the steps: spend 5 hours making a wooden frame derrick from 2Continue reading “A cheap skates guide for extracting a 50 foot wooden mast”

New Wooden Boat Cockpit made by urbanboatworks.com

It’s not every day that some one comes along and wants a new cockpit. The owner of this almost 100 year old S Boat ALLEGRO did. Julien loves to builds cockpits. He says ” i have always enjoyed rebuilding cockpits. Normally I am trying to keep boats afloat. Cockpits are the fluff. You have toContinue reading “New Wooden Boat Cockpit made by urbanboatworks.com”

Preparing green wood for steam bending

Preparing Green Wood For Steam Bending When a few S Class Boats needed new ribs, URBANBOATWORKS stayed local to find its green Oak wood. We headed across the road to haul out a 120 year old white oak that came down in Storm Sandy. After setting up block and tackle we hoisted the heavy log out ofContinue reading “Preparing green wood for steam bending”

Urbanboatworks Marine Projects Resume

Work On Wooden Boats S/V Extra Dry floor timbers- ribs- butt blocks- planking 1924 23 foot knock about Timberpoint Steam bent ribs, floor timbers, center board trunk, deck, shear stake, garboard, spars, built 5 clam boat garveys from scratch  K and T Products – machine shop apprentice Built H-28 Ketch S/V Ishtar from line drawingsContinue reading “Urbanboatworks Marine Projects Resume”

Finishes- old and new finishes I adore

I really am obsessed with Finish’s. I love the glossy mirror look of High Gloss paint as well as the dry flat matte of chalk. lime and milk finishes.   These walls are lime plastered. I painted them out with Black Milk Paint. I love the way you can layer milk paints to get differentContinue reading “Finishes- old and new finishes I adore”

Steam bending Oak Veneer

An old oak table that has been kicked around & soaked by Hurricane Sandy found it’s way to our shop. Here Julien is steam bending a piece if 1/8 ” oak wood. He uses the Earlex steam machine ( $75 bucks) a plastic plumbing pipe, a clamp and some rags. <p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/112111235″>Steam Bending Oak WoodContinue reading “Steam bending Oak Veneer”

Keeping WOODEN BOATS alive.

Keeping wooden boats floating can be daunting. There is always a problem to address and more coats of varnish to apply. Always a race to get to in to short of a time. ( most of us still sail and do not have motors big enough to get us places with out the sail up)Continue reading “Keeping WOODEN BOATS alive.”