Door and Window Restoration in New York Area

Restore your window sash because they fit your home. Because you like good craftsmanship and old growth dense woods. Because you like your antique glass. Because you want to open your windows and ventilate. Because you love a house with soul. Nothing will ruin the charm of an old home faster then ripping out theContinue reading “Door and Window Restoration in New York Area”

Recycling Teak

My partner is a master at the art of using recycled woods. He salvages wood because it is better wood. Heavy dense slow grown good wood. Nothing else compares to yesteryears wood and we buy it up or salvage it when ever we can. Our window and door restoration business depends upon finding it. ThatContinue reading “Recycling Teak”

Sailing to Shelburn Nova Scotia

After almost running into the many fishing pens that dot the shores leading into Shelburn, we dropped anchor on a lovely horse shoe shaped spit of land off McNuts Island. Running at night with no moon is always an adventure. The next day we entered Shelburn harbor and called customs from a special phone atContinue reading “Sailing to Shelburn Nova Scotia”