Built-in Woodwork for Small Space Homes & Apartments

  Thinking about having someone build you some storage, fitted furniture? Stuff you May want to know about  creative solutions for storage and space. You obviously have come to this page because you realize that you may need some storage solutions. Life is not working easily. You cant find anything. And there is no time.Continue reading “Built-in Woodwork for Small Space Homes & Apartments”

understanding Wood Choices for your next wood project

Wood choices The species of wood you decide upon should take into account the purpose you will be using it for, as well as the cost and the maintenance schedule. While specific species of woods have a general look, the grain varies from tree to tree & between heartwood (center of tree) and sapwood (outerContinue reading “understanding Wood Choices for your next wood project”

Picking Clear Coat Finishes

Danish oil- is a blend of oils and phenolic resin. The oil and resin are rubbed deep into the wood where the it hardens and seals the wood without leaving a surface coat. This is the finish you find on Danish furniture. It produces a warm natural hand rubbed finish that will not crack chipContinue reading “Picking Clear Coat Finishes”

Window Rot- Dutchmen’s and Window Restoration in New york

      Julien is chiseling out some rot and will dutchmen a piece of heart wood Pine into the cavity. He uses a three to one or four to one ratio on windows and doors. ( three times along the grain and one time across the grain) On a wooden Boat its twelve toContinue reading “Window Rot- Dutchmen’s and Window Restoration in New york”

Lime Putty Paints in India

mixing pigments in lime putty, egg, clay, plaster and oil is such a refreshing way to decorate instead of uniformly dispersed pigment particals you get a dazzeling mixture of various size pigments which refract light differently then modern emulsions. modern emulsions are predictable and bland when compared to hand mixed paints. The pigment when mixedContinue reading “Lime Putty Paints in India”

Bamboo Tropical Tree Houses

Joe Sheer builds these great tropical tree houses that he calls a hooch. When he first moved to Rincon Puerto Rico he planted the bamboo grove. This is what it looks like 20 years later. It is an amazely cool dense and dark forest of bamboo. Check out joe’s website http://www.tropical-treehouse.com. Laura runs the treehouseContinue reading “Bamboo Tropical Tree Houses”