Sailing to Gloucester and Essex Mass.

Gloucester is one of the last working ports ( besides new Bedford)in MA. We love to visit because we can check out all the yards and see whats being worked on. Our last visit there was much activity. You never know what you will find. On the far side of the harbour is an artistsContinue reading “Sailing to Gloucester and Essex Mass.”

Sailing Bahama’s Blue

  We loved the Bahamas even with a sailboat that draws 6.5 feet. We had to be careful where we went but we sure loved everywhere we got into. After sailing and living in the west indies for so many years- we found these islands a delightful change. There is a happyness amoungst the localContinue reading “Sailing Bahama’s Blue”

Monhegan Island from the sea

  We love sailing to Monhegan Island maine. Halyards and foghorns. Mist, Fog and Moss. Lobster boats, pine tree’s and ocean swells. The island is no larger then one square mile but has 19 artist studio’s that are open to the public, 12 miles of hiking trails and a great fish house on the beach.Continue reading “Monhegan Island from the sea”