Lac Dye

Im in Nepal, at my brothers dyehouse. My brother designs and creates natural botanical dyed rugs.  A group of us are dying hand loomed canvas in an alum bath. Tommorrow we will dye with lac bugs and next week a local taylor will make us up come fitted clothes.

Les Puce Lyon France

Les Puces Du Canal is my new favorite spot in France. Les puces opens at 6 am. Like Brimfield, people travel with torches. Les puces is situated on a canal outside of the city of lyon. There are all kinds of venders with everything from linens to furniture. I bought several old brass miniture frames, paperContinue reading “Les Puce Lyon France”

Handcrafted Leather Sandles

Ever since I left the Virgin Islands, I have been looking for handcrafted leather sandles. It seemed no one made them on the east coast. I ended up sending my old pair back to Zora in St Thomas. Last week, while in P-Town I stumbled upon Victor Powell’s workshop. His sandles are handstiched handcrafted piecesContinue reading “Handcrafted Leather Sandles”