Crafted By Hands – A Rustic Wood Tradition

I am really getting into it now. My winter visit to Colonial Williamsburg has given me much inspiration. I knew it would. I have ordered some traditional hand tools from Lee Valley. A german Ax and froe for splitting small and large tree limbs. A drawknife, brace and bit with Auger, and soon a shaveContinue reading “Crafted By Hands – A Rustic Wood Tradition”

Fine Paints of Europe Glossy Door

I have been painting with Fine Paints of Europe paints for years. This year I was able to head up to Woodstock Vt and join 50 other obsessed Fine Paints of Europe painters to become certified. Officially I am now a certified Fine Paints of Europe painter. When someone contacts me for painting of their NewContinue reading “Fine Paints of Europe Glossy Door”

Steam bending Oak Veneer

An old oak table that has been kicked around & soaked by Hurricane Sandy found it’s way to our shop. Here Julien is steam bending a piece if 1/8 ” oak wood. He uses the Earlex steam machine ( $75 bucks) a plastic plumbing pipe, a clamp and some rags. <p><a href=”″>Steam Bending Oak WoodContinue reading “Steam bending Oak Veneer”

Manila Line = Nautical Madness

I have been jazzing everything up in my life with manila line for years. Partly because I own a boat and always have it around and partly because its cheap and make’s a great make do material. If and when I get around to finding the PROPER ( boring) replacement I do not feel bad,Continue reading “Manila Line = Nautical Madness”

Keeping WOODEN BOATS alive.

Keeping wooden boats floating can be daunting. There is always a problem to address and more coats of varnish to apply. Always a race to get to in to short of a time. ( most of us still sail and do not have motors big enough to get us places with out the sail up)Continue reading “Keeping WOODEN BOATS alive.”

I have a thing for Black Window Sash

I have a thing for black window sashes. Not only do I like the way black makes a frame ( when looking for the inside) but I also love how Black Sash show off the details in historic built windows. Some how black even makes a factory built (way to perfect) window look good. EveryContinue reading “I have a thing for Black Window Sash”


Some ways of removing lead paint actually increase the risk of exposure. Lead paint that is chipping or peeling needs to be removed or covered. Painted surfaces that rub on one another, such as windows and doors require attention to stop the friction that can cause dust. If your house is old you may mostContinue reading “LEAD PAINT REMOVAL”

More Door Idea’s- Custom Doors- New York My Very Favorite places to go door shopping is the west village NYC, P-Town Cape Cod, Ston ington CT, Any out island off of Maine, St Barths and Antigua. I wonder what I will be gauking at when we sail to Europe?

Handcrafted Doors- the only kind to consider

      Doors add funk & soul to a house. They new that in the old days. Have a new old door built to suit your needs and look. Have fun. Some more ideas on my Pinterest http://WWW.URBANBOATWORKS.COM  

Les Anderson – Miss Nancys Journal

Les is a true artist. His work is sold on St John in many of the art galleries. His east end home is a true work of art. A driftwood shack built into the hill side using stone and discarded rubbish. Penelope his Cow Horn was a gem. Read about Les Anderson in miss nancysContinue reading “Les Anderson – Miss Nancys Journal”