Keeping WOODEN BOATS alive.

Keeping wooden boats floating can be daunting. There is always a problem to address and more coats of varnish to apply. Always a race to get to in to short of a time. ( most of us still sail and do not have motors big enough to get us places with out the sail up)Continue reading “Keeping WOODEN BOATS alive.”

I have a thing for Black Window Sash

I have a thing for black window sashes. Not only do I like the way black makes a frame ( when looking for the inside) but I also love how Black Sash show off the details in historic built windows. Some how black even makes a factory built (way to perfect) window look good. EveryContinue reading “I have a thing for Black Window Sash”

Sailing to Gloucester and Essex Mass.

Gloucester is one of the last working ports ( besides new Bedford)in MA. We love to visit because we can check out all the yards and see whats being worked on. Our last visit there was much activity. You never know what you will find. On the far side of the harbour is an artistsContinue reading “Sailing to Gloucester and Essex Mass.”


  An article I wrote for the WESTVIEW 2008 Restoring the Historic Doors of the West Village Published 06/01/2008 – 12:00 p.m. EST Entrances welcome and beckon, as well as shelter and protect. Doors are not only critical from a functional standpoint, e.g., keeping the local cats out of the kitchen, but they also makeContinue reading “DOOR & WINDOW RESTORATION IN THE VILLAGE”


Some ways of removing lead paint actually increase the risk of exposure. Lead paint that is chipping or peeling needs to be removed or covered. Painted surfaces that rub on one another, such as windows and doors require attention to stop the friction that can cause dust. If your house is old you may mostContinue reading “LEAD PAINT REMOVAL”

More Door Idea’s- Custom Doors- New York My Very Favorite places to go door shopping is the west village NYC, P-Town Cape Cod, Ston ington CT, Any out island off of Maine, St Barths and Antigua. I wonder what I will be gauking at when we sail to Europe?