Wooden Boat Repair, Restoration & refinishing for the rest of us. NEW YORK

Lots of wooden boat owners can not afford the major refit option here in New York. Many of us realize that plugging away in Martha Stewart style is the way to go. Some of us keep lists with structure being the priority. Not to many, plunk money in the cushions and varnish while ignoring bleeding fasteners,Continue reading “Wooden Boat Repair, Restoration & refinishing for the rest of us. NEW YORK”

Spring Varnish

Brightwork is finiky work.   As an offshore sailor who is pretty rough and tumble, I consider my varnish protection first, perfection second. As a wooden boat owner I am aware not only of the movement of the wood on the boat but also the area’s that take the abuse. Therefor I do things likeContinue reading “Spring Varnish”

Hand Made Clothes of days ago

Hand Made Clothes of Days ago. Not many people do it today. Hand spin, hand-loom, hand knit, hand weave, hand stitch and hand dye one’s own clothes. Imagine the time and patience involved. I love hand-made clothes and hand stitch some clothes when I can. But to do the whole process must be daunting. It takes me aContinue reading “Hand Made Clothes of days ago”

Natural Dyed Cashmere. Wool & Silk

The colors of natural dyes can not be beat. As a novice dyer of wool and cotton, I am astounded by the color combinations that the Indian and Tibetans can achieve. My brothers knowledge of color and old recipes have created his to die for collection of rugs. Sure its in the design but theContinue reading “Natural Dyed Cashmere. Wool & Silk”

A cheap skates guide for extracting a 50 foot wooden mast

although our 5o foot wooden mast is springy and 500 pounds, that doesn’t stop my dear darling from pulling it from a floating dock in the wake infested Hudson River with a 30 foot derrick made of repurposed 2 by 8’s. here are the steps: spend 5 hours making a wooden frame derrick from 2Continue reading “A cheap skates guide for extracting a 50 foot wooden mast”

Dinner Guest- Joe Carini

Originally posted on Wickham Boyle: Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and all around capable person:
*published in Aspire Metro Magazine on 29 July 2015 Sought after for their artistic design, elegant materials and traditional hand weaving methods rarely utilized in modern carpet making, Carini Lang’s carpets grace the homes of bold-faced names such as Stephen Spielberg, Beyonce and…


Wood blocks are carved from raw wood. Intricate details are drilled and chiseled. A perfectly low seat and wood low table are essential. Patience a must! to buy hand blocked pajama’s check out  World’s End ny