Ike Aux Moines island in the Gulf of Morbihan Brittany France

We never figured out when the island was settled and by whom but we sure loved this gem of a spot. It may actually be my favorite island on the whole darn trip.

We anchored off plage de Gored just below a Dolmen or burial cite from the Celtic civilization. The Morbihan is littered with them. We walked the coastal path which wraps the whole island, passing people’s homes and gardens.

I love the feel of this island as there are no cars just feet and bikes. Even with all the day trippers you could tell who lives on the island. They were st Barth’s laid back enjoying good sea, sun and air. The town had a half dozen cafes, a bake shop, pharmacy and tabac store. What more could you want.

The east side had lovely overgrown black berry trails which lead to beaches, wetlands and cedar tree groves. The whole island dotted with small stone homes nestled into nature’s bosom. No one clear cuts here. I think I’ll aux Moines is the nature island of Brittany.

This is the place to come to unwind ( like shelter island but with more privacy- parcels of land are bigger and the old stone houses are historic) for a week or two in an air B and B.

Published by Dana Carini

Sailing thru water. restoring and refinishing wooden boats and homes. Handcrafting a collection of last a lifetime- inheritable objects. ( worldsendny) Inspiration comes from the places we sail, the people we meet and the history of long ago.

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