Crafted By Hands – A Rustic Wood Tradition

made from old house parts- painted out with rabbit skin glue and pigments
made from old house parts- painted out with rabbit skin glue and pigments

I am really getting into it now. My winter visit to Colonial Williamsburg has given me much inspiration. I knew it would. I have ordered some traditional hand tools from Lee Valley. A german Ax and froe for splitting small and large tree limbs. A drawknife, brace and bit with Auger, and soon a shave horse. I am not a detailed technical person. I don’t measure real well and I shoot from the gut. Not so easy when your making dovetail joints and furniture that is supposed to be square. Now that I have discovered simple hand tools and rough green wood, I am back. This kind of woodwork fits my soul. When I froe a piece of wood it really goes where its gonna go. I feel the wood is dictating the piece. I am just going with the grain, basically. Not the same with all the machine tools I have been using. There is a delight in the hand hewn doweled stools, benches and tables I have been making. There are always marks of the tools I am using and all my little petty mistakes. It’s so much easier letting them show.

Green Wood BenchThis is the kind of stuff I have been making. Simple Durable and what I call Inheritable. As it gets old it gets better!

Mortising Wood

Rustic wood stools

Williamsburg Stool

Green Wood Stool

Stool- Bench- Table

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Published by Dana Carini

Sailing thru water. restoring and refinishing wooden boats and homes. Handcrafting a collection of last a lifetime- inheritable objects. ( worldsendny) Inspiration comes from the places we sail, the people we meet and the history of long ago.

3 thoughts on “Crafted By Hands – A Rustic Wood Tradition

  1. You’ve always embraced the essence. I’m so happy to see that you’re crafting and recreating historic pieces. Where in NY are you?

    1. Thank you for your kind words.I am enjoying my new adventure with hand tools. My teachers are united kingdom bodgers and bushcraft people on utube. I am living in Cold Spring NY. One hour out of the apple on the Hudson River.

      1. Erin where r u now? I was staying with inn keepers at the gristmill in woodstock vt. we talked about kiwi in st john and then we got to you! How did we get to you? How are you connected to my new woodstock friends?

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