More Door Idea’s- Custom Doors- New York

Window sash door

New England Plank Door

Plank Door

Barn Door

Cape Cod Door

Maine Doors

Barn Doors

Barn Door

Store Front Door

Screen Door

Cranberry Isle Fishing Shack Door

Raised Panel Door- Left Raw

Barn Doors- Raw

Garden Door

Hinge Door

Plank Door

Sag Harbor Long Island Door

Barn Door

Garden Door

Front Door

Diagonal Plank Door

Mahogany Doors

St Barths Door

Bahamas Door

Bahamas Door

arched concrete door- st john usvi

usvi door

St Barths Shutter Door

Monheagan Door

My Very Favorite places to go door shopping is the west village NYC, P-Town Cape Cod, Ston ington CT, Any out island off of Maine, St Barths and Antigua. I wonder what I will be gauking at when we sail to Europe?

Published by Dana Carini

Sailing thru water. restoring and refinishing wooden boats and homes. Handcrafting a collection of last a lifetime- inheritable objects. ( worldsendny) Inspiration comes from the places we sail, the people we meet and the history of long ago.

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