Sailing to Shelburn Nova Scotia

After almost running into the many fishing pens that dot the shores leading into Shelburn, we dropped anchor on a lovely horse shoe shaped spit of land off McNuts Island. Running at night with no moon is always an adventure.

The next day we entered Shelburn harbor and called customs from a special phone at the Yacht Club. Easy it was. They came down within minutes, said hi, looked at our boat a few miles out and said bye.

Shelburn village is a collection of 1700 and 1800 houses. 500 Loyalists moved here in the 1770’s (NY and middle colonies). By 1784 there were 10,000. It is they that created this town and trading post.

The Scarlet letter was filmed here and a few of the sets were left behind. Recently Moby Dick was also filmed.

We were most impressed with the barrel making shop. The shop produces with old machinery and techniques. I was hoping to take two home to use as water catchment collectors but they would have impeded our visability ( only place to put them – the bow). The roof of the barrel maker is home to hundreds of black birds that litter the cedar shingles with white poop.

My favorite museum house ( many here) was the Ross Thomson house. It was the general store for the town. i love general stores! The finishes really catch your eye here. The store section is lime washed pink brown. Milk protein and lime are mixed with an earth pigment (clay here) and spread over the rough  boards. What a fantastic color. This is a robust finish that lasts a life time and can be touched up with little fuss. It is how I have choosen to paint all my walls ( wood or plaster) in my home.

I love Loyalist Decor!

If your sailing these waters Shelburn is a great stop- lovely walking town, great farmers market and easy check in.

Published by Dana Carini

Sailing thru water. restoring and refinishing wooden boats and homes. Handcrafting a collection of last a lifetime- inheritable objects. ( worldsendny) Inspiration comes from the places we sail, the people we meet and the history of long ago.

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